The purpose of this site is to help navigate the often difficult world of personal finance. Whether its retiring early, purchasing your first house, or create a stable foundation after school, we intend to help you reach your goal. Our posts will be from the perspectives of Millennials working hard to be successful as well as those who are on the verge of retirement. We believe it’s important to get multiple perspectives to prevent mistakes. Finances are too important to make decisions without being informed. This site will take a deep dive into multiple personal finance areas such as investing, housing, retirement, healthcare, and debt. We intend for this site to be a place to share, grow, and learn.

Why we started:

After leaving school and realizing the difficulties of finances and the stresses of corporate America, the goal became clear: become financially independent as quickly as possible. Reading about and practicing personal finances perpetuated another realization: finances can become overwhelming fast. Eventually, through years of practice, personal finance became a passion. One that we wish to share to help those who may also be overwhelmed. The intent of this site is to help other millennials understand finances and make informed decisions. However, this information can be utilized at any stage of life.


Our philosophy is very simple: focus on saving, don’t spend above your means, and enjoy life. Being disciplined with personal finance doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t have fun. We encourage a healthy balance of enjoying life and preparing for the future through spending awareness, budgeting, and planning ahead.




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